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Loranger 2019 Baseball Roster
Official roster updated January 28, 2018. Not all jersey numbers assigned by coaching staff. Updates will be made when assigned. Action photos will be taken and collected for those who request membership in the Image Club. Names with links are Image Club members. Galleries are still being set up as images are collected.
Call 1-800-276-3371 or email.

2019 Roster
4 Shelton Starkey 12
6 Breyer Zahn 11
7 Jacob Messina 11
13 Will Brasher 12
17 Evan Patterson 12
23 BJ Jackson 12
xx Nick Baiamonte 12
xx Will Bridges 11
xx Peyton Harrison 11
xx Clayton Bethel 11
xx Hunter Fayard 11
xx Schylar Nevels 11
xx Ryan Rivers 10
xx Kaden Beyl 10
xx Troy Morel 10
xx David Brunet 10
06 Ethan Crayton 10
xx Courtney Alexander 10
xx John Edward Newman 10
xx Dane Vining 10
Head Coach Jake Abdalla
Assistant Coach: Mark Colona

2019 Baseball
2019 Roster

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